Bridging DeFi and NFTs – an opportunity for Plenty?

Tezos is rapidly becoming an established NFT chain, while frankly struggling to gain momentum as a DeFi chain.

Now, I’ve always seen DeFi as something that needs to serve other usecases and not become a self-referencing endless loop of farming tokens to get more tokens etc.

Hence, I think it a strong move for Plenty could be exploring how to serve the NFT community. A quick brainstorm:

  • Partnerships with NFT platforms/markets to allow buyers/sellers to use their preferred currency with invisible/seamless swapping through PlentySwap.
  • Facilitating borrowing/lending with NFTs as collateral
  • Offering a platform for setting up staking economies around pfp-projects/collectibles (incl. partnerships with notable creators)
  • Offering a framework for letting users pool funds to purchase high-value NFTs (fractionalization)

These are just a few ideas. I am sure there are ways to integrate all of the above in ways that contribute to attracting liquidity/volume to Plenty.

Would love to hear other ideas or alternative takes on the above! There must be ways to better integrate DeFi and NFTs than it currently is the case.