Could Plenty integrate Liquidity Baking contract for deep XTZ liquidity?

Shower thought:

  1. The tzBTC-XTZ Liquidity Baking pair has deep liquidity (TVL is 2x Plenty’s total TVL).

  2. Plenty needs XTZ integrated (often requested by the community) for use in the router.

  3. Plenty already has tzBTC pair.

What I’m wondering is: Is it possible to integrate the liquidity baking contract into the Plenty router under the hood, benefitting from the liquidity, which is subsidized by the protocol?

If yes, Plenty would suddenly have a “free” XTZ-pairing with deep liquidity, and the LB contract would see more volume.

Obviously more complex to call an external contract (I think), but isn’t this what the idea of composability is about?