[Proposal] Reducing the minting rate


Implement a mint reduction from 50 PLENTY/block to 30 PLENTY/block. This will result in a new reward distribution schema for the PLENTY farms.


If adopted, this proposal seeks to:

  1. Update the PLENTY token smart contract to reflect the new minting rate.
  2. Reduce the PLENTY / day for all PLENTY farms, excluding the farms with an expiry date.


Almost half of the maximum supply of 62,000,000 PLENTY is minted already, and at the current rate all tokens are minted around August 2022.

In the short term, reducing the rewards will lower the APR of farms. However, by reducing the minting rate the sell pressure of the PLENTY token is reduced. The goal of this proposal is to reduce the amount of PLENTY that leaves the circulation by reducing the newly incoming supply.


  1. Update the storage of tokensPerBlock to 30000000000000000000
  2. Update farm rates [PLENTY farm distribution] .


To be eligible to vote a users must hold xPLENTY at the time of the deployment of the Plenty Improvement Proposal (PIP).

Reference Links:

  1. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/128keTI03AQ7Yd8sZJH2jcPY8m5hX-E9cYxmQsYiFQ3s/edit?usp=sharing

I like the idea of reducing the inflation rate of PLENTY. A high APR creates downward pressure on the price of PLENTY tokens.

Yes, LPs earn PLENTY tokens as a reward but if that reward is devalued as fast as it is received then we provide liquidity for the sake of providing liquidity and risk impermanent loss to any market moves.


While I understand the concept here, I’m not a fan of cutting the rate across the board. I feel every change made should aim to incentive xPlenty holders while adding to the tokens utility. If there a way to structure the mintage rate based on a percentage of one’s xPlenty balance compared to their overall TVL, that would be the most ideal. The greater your xPlenty balance is compared to your overall TVL the greater tour rewards in the farms. Again, this is just my opinion. I have no doubt the community will choose the best path forward.


It might be wiser to decrease the rate more gradually. Perhaps cut it to 40 and wait a bit and observe. We don’t want to scare off all of the liquidity. Perhaps if the token recovers a bit in value, the minting rate can further be reduced because then the reduced reward rate would be offset by the higher value of the Plenty token.

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I could go either way with the idea of going to 30 or 40. Not scaring off liquidity is definitely the major concern here. In the past Plenty has lost a lot of liquidity providers due to a claimed lack of communication. It is easy for us to hang out and say it was clearly stated but we also follow the project far more closely relative to others who might have money all over the place or just throw their money at projects hoping to win big.

Giving plenty of notice and countdowns on social media is going to be crucial to making a smooth transition to the new minting rate, whatever it may be, else we risk hitting another disaster like the last halving where people left angry and in droves. I am all for this proposal, with a delicate touch and an obnoxious amount of reminders on social media to liquidity providers.

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Minting rate reduction is a good idea and have been talks in a while in community chats itself. Reducing inflation, adding more features and then bringing back withdrawal fee which works like bonding in a way, would be best case going forward imo. I 100% agree with this proposal for now.


I would go to 40 plenty per block, 30 seems too low and too likely to scare LP providers.
Can we know how many plenty per block to xplenty? ATM it is 4 plenty per block, will this value be affected by the overall plenty rate reduction?

Also I would push on adding the LP APR on the token page. ATM we only see 24h volume and token pool size, but I would split it by pair and explicitely show the LP APR. Reason for this is that if the farming APR reduces, people are more likely to stick with plenty if the APR of providing LP is good.

Also, there needs to be a campaign urging to use plenty instead of quipu, there are lots of pools with more liquidity on plenty than quipu, but more volume on quipu. Router needs to be fixed before that though. That will help drive higher LP APR to compensate for lower farming rewards.

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View the adjusted rates here :point_down:

I would suggest posting your comments not related to this proposal in a different post! :wink:

I am in favor of reducing minting rate to 30. Some of you feel that liquidity providers will be scared away when apr is lowered. I actually feel the opposite!

Right now, Plenty token has been losing value for over 2 months. We currently have very high apr and the common perception from someone looking at plenty for the first time is that this cannot be sustainable and something is wrong. I think a lower apr will attract more liquidity as it will seem more sustainable, especially if plenty token can hold its value long term or increase slowly. Users need to have confidence in a tokens value for them to use the protocol and right now plenty chart is already scaring away liquidity providers.

40 rate will not cut it. I think 30 rate will still give us a decent apr but extend the plenty distribution long enough to attract more users which is also important.


I think that the suggestion to go gradually might be a good idea. As for me, I do not care for going straight to 30. Is it possible to automate this process? Later on, there could be an automated adjuster that would change the emission based on price, volume, etc.

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I agree with this proposal, but there are many aspects that have to be reviewed so that people continue to maintain (plenty) and give liquidity to the ecosystem, we have to think about the future.

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I´m pro
In bitcoin new supply is even halved every 4 years and that´s a positive. I would even suggest to also have a fixed lowering scedual. In this way there is clarity for investors, also in the long run. This would also give perspective for the long term, what would happen when there is no more plenty to distribute as rewards?

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A reduction in minting rate does not mean less gainz. Right now apr is high but tokens are worth less every day. It´s even hard to break even at this point. When selling pressure drops, price will rise and investors will come.

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30 Plenty/block is a good idea. The way I see it:

What will really benefit Plenty is more liquidity.

The big/smart money knows that high issuance (high APR) increases currency risk (drop in value) and/or risk of impermanent loss.

Lower APR would hence ironically be more attractive to larger and less risk-happy/degen actors.

I may be wrong, but that’s my thinking.


There are several reasons for reducing minting rate:

  1. all plenty will be minted around august 2022 if we keep current rate. There will be no more plenty for incentive after that.
  2. Current apr too high like more than 100%. that apr will create lot of sell pressure while there are no sign of increase plenty or dex value.

If we keep the rate still high, like 40, it seen doesn’t help much for the issues above.
Assume rate of 40, maybe all plenty will be minted at the end of 2022.

if we apply the rate of 40, The apr still too high for currrent pools with more than 150%, it maybe will reduce to 100%.
The inflation too high, while there are no real value adding to the platform.
The apr in the range 10-50% are already too good for LP.

I dont know how many plenty / block is good. If reduce 1/2,i.e. 25, it seen too dramaticlly, so 30 plenty/block seen reasonable.

Then we will see how the platform perform. Let team build new features, marketing, new proposals.
If the effect of 30 plenty/block is so negative tot the platform, we could propose new one and adjust new minting rate.


Nice summary!

The first PIP will go live tomorrow with no changes. Thank you all for your input, amazing to see such engagement at the beginning of the road to more decentralization.


I wanted to add that rapid supply reduction adds more fomo and has a better chance at having an effect than a “resonable” solution… that’s why we have Bitcoin today and not Tenebrix.

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