[Proposal] Allocating not-minted supply of PLENTY to a Plenty Network Treasury at Launch


The Tezsure team, the team behind Plenty, proposes a DAO treasury for plenty.network. With the introduction of the new veTokenomics and PLY, we propose to utilize unminted PLENTY tokens for a Plenty Ecosystem Growth Treasury, managed by a DAO. Also included in this proposal: an end date for the minting of PLENTY.


PlentyDeFi.com was originally co-founded by Tezsure & Draper Goren Holm (DGH), back in May 2021, and together the two entities defined very primitive tokenomics. Part of the co-founder agreement the two entities agreed on splitting the work and the PLENTY accumulating in the dev wallet (~10% of total supply) 50/50 between Tezsure and DGH.

PlentyDeFi.com was started as a yield farm and staking experiment on Tezos, back in May 2021, to test if we could bring more liquidity to Tezos, especially from Ethereum, by utilizing bridged assets. Following the experiment we launched the first token-to-token decentralized exchange on Tezos.

In its own time, the experiment was a great success. Plenty’s TVL crossed 50 million, and 100s of millions USD volume was generated through the Plenty smart contracts. However, the PLENTY token was never properly designed in a way that it automates inflation-based incentives to sustain the growth of the Plenty protocol.

When we acquired the Wrap Protocol from Bender Labs we saw an opportunity to redo our tokenomics, bring an EVM-Tezos bridge into our product suite, and combine both Plenty and Wrap communities into a new vision of the Plenty Network.

While designing the PLY tokenomics, we concluded that we won’t be able to allocate more than 5% of the PLY tokens for Growth. Ideally this percentage is around 10%.

We went ahead with a 5% supply for growth (airdrop and partner program) with the goal of bringing more users from other blockchain ecosystems.



The Tezsure team is obligated to send DGH’s share (~5%) of PLENTY tokens to a DGH managed address, to honor the original agreement from May 2021.

Tezsure will burn its PLENTY share (~ 5%) of the original PLENTY since there is already a percentage of PLY allocated for the team.


With PLY being a new token, and Plenty Network being an entirely new platform, we have to put a lot of effort into educating users from Tezos and other blockchains. This includes onboarding more developers so that they build products like Convex on top of Plenty, and also supporting the growth of the ecosystem by helping other initiatives such as the listing of the tokens on a CEX, market making etc.

There will be a lot of unforeseen circumstances where having a DAO treasury could be overall beneficial for the community. Having seen a proposal on the Youves forum for market making, we can expect a similar scenario.

Hence, the need for a Plenty Growth Treasury, and the easiest way to get capital in it is by using unminted PLENTY. We also propose to stop minting new PLENTY from December 20th. After the 20th the remaining PLENTY will be minted and sent to a new multsig which will act as the new DAO treasury. This treasury will be managed by veNFT holders.


  • Stop minting date: December 20th

  • Expected launch date zone new system: between December 20th and January 10th

  • Multisig admins mint all the unminted Plenty and send it to a new Multisig controlled –initially– by team members of Tezsure. In the future the multisig members can be changed.

  • Upon plenty.network launch, the new multi-sig converts all the owned PLENTY to PLY.

  • After converting all PLENTY to PLY, the multi-sig will evolve into a Lambda DAO (similar to Kolibri) governed by PLY/veNFTs.

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It would be great to stop with the supposedly “community incentives”. If its the same kind of stuff as the NFTs gifted to tezos projects its perfectly useless. Its creating solely one thing : REMOVING POWER to the plenty users which have been holding for a long time.

This is a disingenuous conclusion to take from the new proposal.

Holders of PLENTY will be the ones who hold all the PLY as it is (For the most part) the SAME token, just with a new name and code. Holders of PLENTY will should be converting their PLENTY to PLY immediately as the old token will no longer have utility or value. So in summary PLY holders and old PLENTY holders are the same people.

The NFTs you are referring too are called veNFTs. veNFTs can only be created using PLY (Now held by previous PLENTY users).

The Tezsure Team is using its allocated PLY to mint veNFTs and give them to TEZOS projects to promote growth in the platform, and other BLOCKCHAINS to promote growth in TEZOS. There was no need to do this other than love of the ecosystem.

Back to this proposal. It is proposing a DAO be made and run by PLY/vePLY holders, which again, would be the previous PLENTY holders. Its literally suggesting we give ALL of the power to the holders, not take it away.

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Can we please know how many Plenty will be left to go to this Dao?
How the Dao will monetize the Plenty, it will always be a market for it?
What the Dao can achieve?

Please stay ontopic :slight_smile:

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Oh, give it a spin. Plenty holders who have held the token have to be rewarded somehow, you can’t benefit the DAO and not the holders. Old holders of plenty have the same benefits as holders who are now buying plenty…

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